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2008-02-04 15:15:53 by LilFugitive

I decided to organise my NG user page, all my news posts being linked from one single post. Collabs that I joined, but didn't become coauthor. This is the result:


First time audio, my Tankmen movie and more
Bamboo Tablet Arrived!
Bamboo Tablet and more
My Tankmen Movie

My Art Thread

The Face Collab (didn't become coauthor)

First time audio, my Tankmen movie and more

2008-01-12 15:54:51 by LilFugitive

Hello fellow NG-ers :)!

So I made for the first time a song. It's called My Newgrounds and was made during the "My Newgrounds" era. I do the rap and my mate Jurian did the music. I know the rap isn't so good. But that's because I ain't Blacktastic. Yeah, that's my voice *blush*.

Also after a bit of slacking I started to go on with my tankmen movie. It's really starting to look cool. Also it's now a lot easier working since I got a new tablet, it's a wacom bamboo and I recommend to all of you if you want to start using a drawing tablet. The preview movie's of tankmen is a lil' outdated and I'm a lot farther, I'll have to post a new one '-_-

Also some things I would like to mention is that my mate Jurian would like some people to write some lyrics for a song with a lot of similarity to Green, Piano. He would definitely be very happy if you'd contribute to the making of a new song.

I'm also busy with looking for good tech specs and price for a notebook, if you wanna help me go to this thread, thanks!

And as last here's a very nice flash showing 50 reasons to step over to AS3 (at the bottom there buttons to scroll to the left and right).

Oh boy, I got a lot of work to do for the flash :(

Bamboo Tablet Arrived!

2007-12-05 15:05:15 by LilFugitive

So today it's 5 december. It's a very special day, quickly explained:
In the Netherlands there's a old man called Sinterklaas (Santa Claus is based on him). He has this huge group of black helpers that give all the kids candy. At night all the kids place their shoes at the fireplace and Sinterklaas and his helpers walk on the roofes and throw the presents through the chimney into your shoes. But on 5 december you hear the doorbell ring and you open the door and there's a bag with all types of presents. And I got a Wacom Bamboo Tablet (and sweets)!

But I'm extremely happy with the tablet, it's also my first tablet EVER! So this is the first thing I made nothing special, it's just symbolic.

Bamboo Tablet Arrived!

Bamboo Tablet and more

2007-12-02 05:47:29 by LilFugitive

On the 5th of december I'm getting a bamboo tablet. I'm going to get it because it's then Sinterklaas (a Dutch equivalent to Santa Claus). I hope this will improve my animation in flash. w00t I'm excited!!

Recently I also bought an xbox 360 with seven games (I got them with my 360):

Ridge Racer 6 (I recommend this one if you love drifting)
Project Gotham Racing 3
99 Nights
Enchanted Arms
Ninja Gaiden Black
Perfect Dark Zero
Tomb Raider: Legends

Also I heard this new song of a friend of mine it's called Stay. Please leave a review with some commentary that he could work on. He really would appreciate it.

Bamboo :)

Bamboo Tablet and more

My Tankmen Movie

2007-11-03 15:51:23 by LilFugitive

Hello Newgrounds!

At the moment I'm busy with a small tankmen movie. The story will follow Tankmen 2. Steve and the captain are driving through the desert and the captain will get bored and later more...

I recoulerd the NG tank, please comment if you like it?

I put on DA a little preview movie, so watch it =D However there are some things that are missing, so please judge it as unfinished.

Also it will be the first movie that I'm putting effort in, and for so far I'm proud of it. Please comment what you like or don't. I'm not going to change the story...

My Tankmen Movie