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My Tankmen Movie

2007-11-03 15:51:23 by LilFugitive

Hello Newgrounds!

At the moment I'm busy with a small tankmen movie. The story will follow Tankmen 2. Steve and the captain are driving through the desert and the captain will get bored and later more...

I recoulerd the NG tank, please comment if you like it?

I put on DA a little preview movie, so watch it =D However there are some things that are missing, so please judge it as unfinished.

Also it will be the first movie that I'm putting effort in, and for so far I'm proud of it. Please comment what you like or don't. I'm not going to change the story...

My Tankmen Movie


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2007-11-03 16:00:00

W0000000O0O0OT!!! Cool, I like your movies.

(Updated ) LilFugitive responds:


also congrats! You win the first comment prize =D


2007-11-03 16:14:39

Ooh, i'll be looking forward to it.

Do I win second comment?

(Updated ) LilFugitive responds:

Of course ;)
Third one be quick there is only a first, second and third award!


2007-11-03 16:54:46

The VA didn't sound like Tankmen.

LilFugitive responds:

Sadly I know, i just couldn't get the voices and nobody wanted to do them. But I'm just going to work with what I got, sadly that is bad VA.

Also you get the third comment prize


2007-11-03 17:19:41

ehhh.....not so much......i love tankmen, but im tired of all the parodies.....

LilFugitive responds:

It's not going to be a parody, I want to keep it serious and respect the tankmen for what they are


2007-11-03 17:55:26

It's great,the graphics and all,the sounds could use some work(add bg music,sounds of the environment and the tank,and put more emotions in the voices).

Plus,I think you coded the V-cam wrong,it shouldn't be this way.

Overall 8/10

Keep it up,I'm sure it'll be a blast ;)

LilFugitive responds:

Thanks, stupid me '-_-

I should add a tank sound, later there will come more emotions


2007-11-03 18:25:49

YAY that was cool :D
cant wait good luck :D

LilFugitive responds:



2007-11-03 18:39:23

Looking good so far!

LilFugitive responds:



2007-11-10 04:42:26

Hey looks good! But maybe you could do something original i think i would enjoy that more but I'll still watch this tankmen thing.

LilFugitive responds:

I'll try after this...

Sadly I have a huge creativity problem, I never seem to be satisfied with my own creations =(


2007-11-19 12:39:59

i'll try nd come up with some ideas 4 summin nt parody...
i'll pm u if i come up with a good idea

LilFugitive responds:

ok cool =)


2007-11-19 12:41:02

its a good pivc tho im lukin forward 2 seein the movie...
unless it gets blammed... then i'll b pissed

LilFugitive responds:

Yeah me too xD


2007-12-09 14:50:40

teh LULZ. in all seriousness, good work buddy.


2007-12-29 15:51:40

looks cool


2008-01-08 14:13:46

looking good although the lip-sync (especially the snoring) needs a lot of work