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Bamboo Tablet and more

2007-12-02 05:47:29 by LilFugitive

On the 5th of december I'm getting a bamboo tablet. I'm going to get it because it's then Sinterklaas (a Dutch equivalent to Santa Claus). I hope this will improve my animation in flash. w00t I'm excited!!

Recently I also bought an xbox 360 with seven games (I got them with my 360):

Ridge Racer 6 (I recommend this one if you love drifting)
Project Gotham Racing 3
99 Nights
Enchanted Arms
Ninja Gaiden Black
Perfect Dark Zero
Tomb Raider: Legends

Also I heard this new song of a friend of mine it's called Stay. Please leave a review with some commentary that he could work on. He really would appreciate it.

Bamboo :)

Bamboo Tablet and more


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2007-12-02 05:53:32

I need that. NOW. It must be a Super Sweet Updated Wacom! Sweet :)

LilFugitive responds:

It isn't so very expensive it's EU85,- But maybe that is very expensive for you...


2007-12-02 06:30:46

No, Not that Expenisve really....thank god =b