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First time audio, my Tankmen movie and more

2008-01-12 15:54:51 by LilFugitive

Hello fellow NG-ers :)!

So I made for the first time a song. It's called My Newgrounds and was made during the "My Newgrounds" era. I do the rap and my mate Jurian did the music. I know the rap isn't so good. But that's because I ain't Blacktastic. Yeah, that's my voice *blush*.

Also after a bit of slacking I started to go on with my tankmen movie. It's really starting to look cool. Also it's now a lot easier working since I got a new tablet, it's a wacom bamboo and I recommend to all of you if you want to start using a drawing tablet. The preview movie's of tankmen is a lil' outdated and I'm a lot farther, I'll have to post a new one '-_-

Also some things I would like to mention is that my mate Jurian would like some people to write some lyrics for a song with a lot of similarity to Green, Piano. He would definitely be very happy if you'd contribute to the making of a new song.

I'm also busy with looking for good tech specs and price for a notebook, if you wanna help me go to this thread, thanks!

And as last here's a very nice flash showing 50 reasons to step over to AS3 (at the bottom there buttons to scroll to the left and right).

Oh boy, I got a lot of work to do for the flash :(


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2008-01-12 15:56:19

Yay, it's going to look great, and thanks for whoring my song out on your userpage:D:P

LilFugitive responds:

haha, no prob