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Bamboo Tablet Arrived!

2007-12-05 15:05:15 by LilFugitive

So today it's 5 december. It's a very special day, quickly explained:
In the Netherlands there's a old man called Sinterklaas (Santa Claus is based on him). He has this huge group of black helpers that give all the kids candy. At night all the kids place their shoes at the fireplace and Sinterklaas and his helpers walk on the roofes and throw the presents through the chimney into your shoes. But on 5 december you hear the doorbell ring and you open the door and there's a bag with all types of presents. And I got a Wacom Bamboo Tablet (and sweets)!

But I'm extremely happy with the tablet, it's also my first tablet EVER! So this is the first thing I made nothing special, it's just symbolic.

Bamboo Tablet Arrived!


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2007-12-10 08:52:14

sinterklaas is da bomb.

LilFugitive responds:

definetely :)


2007-12-21 10:09:02

Ik krijg niks meer van de sint :(

LilFugitive responds:

dan hoop ik dat je wat v.d. kerstman krijgt ;)


2007-12-22 08:23:16

Ek bly in Suid Afrika, maar ek is verseeker dat jy sal my taal verstaan...Omdat Dutch en Afrikaans is amper die selwde ding

LilFugitive responds:

Ik kon het net verstaan, kon jij dat van mij?


2008-01-01 11:40:50

I was born in holand.


2008-01-01 11:41:31

but I don't speak dutch. :(


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