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Darfur Satire Shorts Darfur Satire Shorts

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Lacks originality

Hi there, awesome stuff you made, I always sum stuff up, so lets do it!

+ Very funny
+ Great voices
+ The transformer part was cool

- Lacks originality
- Animation was very basic, just because South Park does it isn't an excuse

Cool stuff you made, sadly you definately lack some originality, but it's cool!

||Review Request Club||

Chakra-X responds:

Thanks for the review!

Yes, I do recognize that I "rode the coattails" of popular shows, but I wasn't really aiming for originality, but creativity.

However, if I am trying to parody South Park as close as possible, wouldn't it make sense to try to get the animation as close as possible, regardless of the quality of the original?

Sand Sand

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Short but has potential

Hi there, congrats on not getting a blam on your first flash. But as you might have noticed (because of the low score) it isn't perfect. Let's sum things up:

+ Originality, I think it's a first time animation featuring stuff being drawn in the sand

- Short
- Try making the hit area of the button a rectangle instead of just the text
- Try adding sound fx

This isn't a bad flash as first flash, yet it needs improvement. Try adding sound fx and make it longer

BlueHippo's a BBS mod! :0 BlueHippo's a BBS mod! :0

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Funny, but needs improvement

Hi there, Bahamut, again you made a flash that's fine on the story, sadly you'll also need to improve on some stuff. Let's sum things up:

+ Story was decent
+ Blue hippo was very well drawn, did you make it, yes? Put that much effort in the other stuff

- Art was fairly simple, except BlueHippo
- The talking of Bahamut was simple, as I advised you previously, remove the clock thing and try talking by squashing and stretching.

Again you made a nice flash, yet the talking of Bahamut needs to be improved

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Murray responds:

Squashing and stretching, eh? That's an interesting idea, but by removing the arrow, my friend would be extremely disappointed, so I can't get rid of the arrow for Bahamut. The other characters, however, I could have a go at stretching and squashing and see how it goes.

Thanks for the review LilFugitive. :)

Godzillas Depression Godzillas Depression

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Lot of work to be done

Hi there, this is very bad for a 2nd attempt animation. I'll sum things up:

+ There was an end

- Very bad graphics
- Very bad animation
- Dumb storyline (I mean come on, it's just about Godzilla without any balls)
- Needs more sounds (like for the talking)

This is a flash that needs a lot of work, try putting some more time in it, this is made like in 2 hours or less. Use more sounds for talking and spend more time on the animation and art, art is something you'll have to learn. But animating is fairly easy, you just need patience

A piece of puke A piece of puke

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice flash with good animation

Nice flash you made, I really enjoyed it, let's sum things up:

+ The movements looked very human
+ The music fitted very well with the flash

- The flash was short, this would have more potential if you made it longer

Very nice flash you made with very vivid and good looking movements. Sadly it was very short, and made the viewer a bit disappointed because he expected much much more.

||Review Request Club||

Pot Head Bob and a gennie Pot Head Bob and a gennie

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Please put some more work in to it

Hi there, you made a very simple flash, it needs a lot of work, I'll sum things up:

+ Ehm... there was an end

- No preloader (if you can't make one, use the one of NG)
- Very simple art
- Used much too many filters
- The talking style looked dumb
- The voices were over exaggerated
- Sometimes voice were very very soft

This isn't a good flash, try working on the audio and don't use filters that often. Also improve on your art. Try using the BBS to find better voice actors.

||Review Request Club||

D3m0n1c707 responds:

I understand were you are going. If you did not find it funny then thats your opion, but the point of this video was to be pointless, just sit back and have a quick laugh

News Reporter III News Reporter III

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice serie you got one, yet basic

Hi there Bahamut! Cool serie you got going on, yet I could fully enjoy everything, let's sum things up:

+ Audio was of a good quality
+ Not too random
+ Your accent is cool
+ Cool preloader

- The characters looked very simple, try joining the arms to the shoulders, use shading, and make the guys look more human instead of some mix between lego guys and human people
- Animation wasn't so good, the way the animator walked looked very very bad
- The talking of bahamut (the sprite) wasn't so good, try using a different indication than the clock arrow (try using stretching and squaching and sync it to your voice)
- Sometimes your voice sounded over exaggerated (e.g. the boring part)

This is a nice flash that you made, yet the animation wasn't too good, the voices should be improved and also the talking, also try improving your art

Murray responds:

Not random enough? Oh shit! :O

The Fairy Future Mother The Fairy Future Mother

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ugly characters

You made an interesting flash with this fairy yet I didn't like it, let's sum things up

+ Voices were good
+ Story was good

- Ugly characters, really work on the body structure and don't use the pencil that often
- Bad animation, sometimes it looked like he was doing a cripwalk instead of walking
- Blinking looked very bad
- Eyes and mouth looked like that of a girls

This is a flash that just should stay in the portal, because of it's nice storyline. But there really needs to be some mayor improvement on the art and animation

CandyHolics CandyHolics

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's ok, yet sometimes lazy parts in the flash

Nice halloween flash, and also reasonably funny, let's sum things up!

+ Nice characters
+ Difference in voices
+ Funny

- Sometimes you spent too little time on some things (like the robot arms putting the Detective Grimoire suit on, or the part with "Can't Touch This")
- Spelling mistakes
- Some jokes weren't funny (like the 4AM one)

Overall: Nice halloween themed flash, yet some parts didn't have enough work to it (like the subtitles or certain parts).

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samsonloftin responds:

You didn't like the 4am one...I kinda liked it, anyways I'll spend more time on the less important things in animation to improve the overall quality.

Thanks for the review

Bahamut's Newgrounds Bahamut's Newgrounds

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nicely done... yet overdone

What you made was a reasonably nice flash. I'll just sum up everything...

+ Preloader
+ Crisp audio
+ Sharp pictures

- Lacks originality, has been done too often
- For me it wasn't clear what you were supposed to be, the sprite wasn't clear enough. Try not overtransforming them so they lose quality.
- Animation was simple, almost everything consisted of tweened stuff

This is a nice flash about yourself, however the animation wasn't too good and the idea has been overdone.

||Review Request Club||

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Murray responds:

Well, the preloader isn't mine exactly. I just borrowed one from NG.

I agree, this isn't very original since it's been done loads of times, but I couldn't resist to make one. On the bright side, at least I didn't go with webcam here.

I guess for those unfamiliar with my flashes may not know what the sprite was, but it was supposed to be Bahamut from FFIV. I've been using that sprite figure as myself for ages now. Also, I know people don't like sprites being too big, but usually, I have them big just to fill up space on the flash screen and to try and put them to a right scale with the background.

Yeah, animation has been one of my biggest weaknesses, but for this flash, I did pick up a few animation skills, even though most of them are tweening.

Thanks for the review LilFugitive. :)